Post Glover introduces a new range of highly efficient, compact, liquid cooled resistors to the US market. Extensively tested and successfully installed in real world applications by Cressall, out sister company in the UK, these encapsulated resistor systems offer many advantages across a multitude of markets.
Revolutionary technology - Post Glover

EV liquid-cooled resistors offer these benefits:

  • SIGNIFICANTLY SMALLER SIZE – an EV resistor is less than a tenth of the size of an equivalent rated air cooled resistor.
  • SEALED CONSTRUCTION – the IP56 body protects the resistor element from harmful ingress of dirt and pollution
  • NO HEAT DISSIPATION INTO THE AIR – the fully insulated construction means that the energy absorbed by the resistor is dissipated into the cooliModular design - Post Gloverng water.
  • OPERATION AT VOLTAGES ABOVE 1kV – the resistor element is insulated from the cooling water and the environment giving an operating voltage of up to 1.5kV per module.
  • MODULAR DESIGN – the individual EV units when put together as a single assembly can offer multiple resistor sections cooled by a common water flow.
  • ROBUST CONSTRUCTION – The EV has been shock and vibration tested for use in automotive environments so is suitable for almost all industrial and marine applications.

Water-cooled resistor Applications 

  • Hybrid and all-electric vehicles
  • Winches and cranes
  • Cable laying vessels
  • Propulsion drives on ships or oil rigs
  • Dummy loads and discharge resistors for MV electrical systems
  • Liquid heating