Post Glover designs, builds and tests their harmonic filter resistors in accordance with applicable IEC and IEEE standards to guarantee their performance. With no two installations ever being the same, our experienced engineers develop the proper solution for your particular application and environment. Our low inductance designs are built using all stainless steel elements in corrosion resistant enclosures chosen for your unique specification. Request a quote for your custom harmonic filter resistor.

Post Glover’s reputation in filter resistors has been built on over 100 years of field performance and independent test facilities, where we’ve proven our engineering and manufacturing prowess to be second to none.

Features & Capabilities

  • Compact design for substations with limited space
  • Low inductance resistor design allows for easy tuning with capacitors, reactors, inductors, etc…
  • Frequently installed in Static VAR compensation packages
  • Post Glover’s damping resistors are ideal for HVDC transmission