With increasing attention paid to minimizing downtime and maximizing safety, correctly and  quickly localizing electrical faults is critical to maximizing productivity and profitability. The effect of single-phase ground faults can be minimized by high resistance grounding, but timely fault location can be challenging, depending upon your installation.  By limiting the available ground fault current to typically 10 amps or less, high resistance grounding minimizes destructive damage to property and operations can continue.

Post Glover Resistors continues to lead the industry in product development for High Resistance Grounding with the introduction of the SmartPulse family of high resistance grounding products. In late 2023 PGR launched the successor to the PulserPlus.Net and built upon its already impressive feature set and PGR’s SmartPulse combines equipment and personnel safety with continuous operation, improving productivity and your bottom line.

PGR’s SmartPulse provides all the advantages of high resistance grounding with added ease of use, incorporating a color touchscreen, redundant resistor path monitoring and simplified resistor tap selection.

Features & Capabilities:

  • High Resistance Grounding limits phase to ground fault current to low enough levels to safely continue operations
  • Available for systems rated 480V and up
  • Available in stand-alone enclosures, separate wall mount controls and resistor cabinets, and OEM kits suitable for mounting in switchgear and/or MCC’s
  • All NGRs designed and tested per IEEE C57.32
  • Certified test reports and installation/maintenance instructions accompany each NGR