Post Glover is North America’s foremost resource for traction and light rail resistors, used daily on high speed trains, locomotives, commuter rail and subway systems.  Propulsion system manufacturers recognize our company as a reliable partner for the design and the production of resistors that meet their specific needs and technical requirements.

During the past 30 years, PGR has developed great expertise in every aspect of transit resistor design; this allows us to offer a product reliable and, at the same time, light and ergonomic, perfectly matching our customers’ current requests. With multiple resistor styles to choose from in addition to convection or forced air cooling, we are able to offer an optimized design according to the actual conditions faced by the resistor.

The design process is supported by the most advanced software for thermal and mechanical simulation (FEA – Finite Elements Analysis), speeding up the development of new products. Furthermore, through our parent company we have access to a state of the art test facility including a braking chopper module and shake table, allowing testing the resistors against real world conditions, validating the design and manufacturing processes.

The main applications of PGR rail transit resistors are:

  • High Speed trains
  • Electric Locomotives
  • Diesel Electric Locomotive
  • EMU
  • Subway
  • Light rail vehicles
  • Spare Parts & Refurbishment

The main features and characteristics of the resistor for rail traction are:

  • High power density
  • Convection or forced air cooled
  • Watertight for installations inside the locomotive
  • High level of insulation
  • Simplified maintenance by removable resistor banks
  • Patented over-temperature protection
  • No thermal hot spots in the resistor banks (optimized air distribution)
  • Low weight