Our Erlanger, Kentucky Facility

Our Erlanger Facility

Located in Erlanger, KY, Post Glover employs the industry’s most experienced sales and engineering team and largest independent sales representative network to ensure timely and accurate, same day response to your typical and complex applications. Post Glover offers the only UL listed high resistance grounding unit in the industry, the Pulser Plus. We also have UL and CSA offerings in low resistance grounding resistors and dynamic braking resistors.

Innovative Products Strengthened By Merger

Post Glover has application expertise across a complete selection of resistor product lines. We have developed a line of standard products that will enable consistent design, service and on-time delivery of your order. Complimentary product lines that have been strengthened by the merger include:

Low Resistance Grounding

  • Limits damage to expensive equipment
  • Provides safety for personnel
  • Localizes the fault

Transformer Neutral Grounding

High Resistance Grounding

Ground fault protection that allows a process to continue operating while the fault is located and repaired.

Transit Resistors

Dynamic Braking

Dynamic braking resistors produce braking torque for overhauling loads or stopping conditions for AC electric motors.

Motor Control

Motor starting and speed control for material handling and crane applications.

Harmonic Filters

Custom designed harmonic filtering resistors for your industrial and utility applications.

Customer-focused Service since 1893

The Post Glover Electric Company was incorporated in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1893 by Samuel W. Glover, Oliver Kinsey, George N. Devou, Frank D. VanWinkle and George H. Jones. The company, formed for the purpose of dealing in and manufacturing electrical and railway supplies and appliances and other articles of merchandise, was started with $50,000 in capital.

Company Growth Timeline

1892 – Post Glover Electric Company founded.

1917 – Post Glover begins the manufacture of Steel Grids.

October 1989 – Post Glover acquires Guyan Electric Co. from Guyan Machine Co. Guyan Electric Co. was the resistor division of Guyan Machinery Co. and manufactured industrial and mining resistors. This business was transferred to Post Glover and remains a going concern.

1991 – IPC Power Resistors International is established in Hebron, KY.

1995 – Post Glover begins relationship with Shenzhen Farad Complete Electric Co. Shenzhen, China to manufacture resistors for the Chinese market.

1996 – Post Glover/ IPC becomes Rockwell Automation’s original Encompass Partner for Dynamic Braking Resistors.

March 1996 – Post Glover’s quality system is certified ISO 9001.

February 2000 – Post Glover buys Cutler-Hammer Resistor product line and Cutler-Hammer products are split between Post Glover and IPC.

2003 – T&B Resistors Founded to pursue U.S. Transit resistor business.

May 2005 – Post Glover and IPC Power Resistors Inc. merge.

2006 – Telema S.p.A., Milan, Italy purchases Post Glover Resistors.

February 2009 – Post Glover acquires Fortress Systems Pty Ltd in Braeside, Victoria, Australia, a manufacturer of industrial, mining, and utility resistors.

2011 – Post Glover and Telema & Berger merge.

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