Post Glover’s Wound Resistor Elements are designed and built to meet the most demanding mechanical and electrical requirements in the industry. All are constructed of corrosion resistant resistor grade alloys mounted on porcelain cores using corrosion resistant hardware for thermal and electrical insulation. UL Recognition or CSA Certification is available for specific ratings; contact your Post Glover representative with application details for more information.

Post Glover’s Edgewound Resistors are constructed of flat stainless steel electrical alloy, wound helically on porcelain cores. Welded terminals at both ends of the resistor provide the means of connection and terminations. Post Glover special porcelain cores are designed for through bolt or flat bar frame mounting.

Post Glover’s FDL Series Wirewound Power Resistors feature corrosion resistant wire, helically wound into a long spring-like coil. The coil is then wound onto a spirally grooved, porcelain core, where each end of the wire is fitted to a terminal clamped to the end of the core. The resistors are typically assembled on a though-bolt, and then mounted between “L” brackets or on endframes. The electrically efficient construction of the FDL element allows the highest possible wattage ratings per linear inch, consistent with NEMA standards performance.

Post Glover’s Smoothwound Resistors are constructed of a nichrome or stainless steel wire alloy wound on a porcelain tube. The element is then coated with a refractory cement to aid in dissipating heat, elevating the permissible watt rating. Smoothwound resistors are available in through-bolt or flat bar mounting arrangements.

Aluminum Case Resistor
Post Glover’s hermetically sealed Aluminum Case Resistors can be used in any AC or DC power circuit and are most commonly used for light-duty braking of variable frequency drives, space heating and any other low wattage applications.  The compact size of this IP65 unit makes it ideal for an application where space is at a premium and moisture is a concern. This unit is designed for applications in the industrial automation, railway and energy markets.


Post Glover’s Grid and Ribbon Resistors are ideal for medium to high amperage conditions in either AC or DC applications. The most common usages are for motor control for braking and speed regulation, but also can be incorporated into neutral grounding, harmonic filtering and load bank solutions.

Stamped Grid Resistors
The unique design of Post Glover’s stamped grid resistor provides you high wattage per bank, saving you both space and cost. Superior construction produces savings in maintenance costs and reduced downtime, with built-in ruggedness making them ideal for the high shock and vibration of heavy material handling applications such as overhead cranes, mining equipment, construction tower cranes, pumps and many other starting, speed regulating and dynamic braking applications. All banks are rated 1000 volts AC or DC, and up to 185 amps continuous
based on a 375°C rise. Isolated sections are available for three phase applications, as are special tapered ratings using custom grid combinations.

Stainless Steel Ribbon Resistors
The Stainless Steel Ribbon Resistors feature a 4-inch-wide stainless steel element that is a serpentine formed from one continuous strip up to thirty feet long. Extra terminal plates allow quick field adjustments and flexibility in designing. The element and terminals are rigidly supported for high vibration, high temperature applications in corrosive environments. PG
ribbon resistors are double insulated to ground and are rated 1,500 volts. Perfect for high horsepower, high voltage motors., their standard “Mill Bank” dimensions and eight popular amp ratings interchange easily with all major brands.

Standard Features

  • Resistor grade stainless steel alloys in all design
  • Elements made to order to suit your application
  • UL/CSA designs available upon request