• These wirewound resistor units feature an open helical wire element (made from Nichrome or stainless steel resistive alloy) wound around a grooved porcelain core. Stainless steel terminals and hardware are standard.
  • This type of open element will take considerably more overload than enameled type resistors and also cools much quicker as each turn of the wire is exposed to the cool ambient air.
  • Fixed or adjustable taps are available
  • Used for low current industrial applications up to 27 amps continuous with resistance ratings up to 400 ohms.
  • Industry standard size allows for easy drop-in replacement of other brands including Cutler-Hammer (Type-L), and Post Glover (Type LC).
  • Heavy-duty construction allows even higher ratings for intermittent duty applications such as dynamic braking of variable speed drives or motor starting.
Wirewound Resistors
Wirewound Resistors