Rockwell  Automation Dynamic Braking Resistors

Rockwell Automation PowerFlex Proposal works link

Configurator for recommended dynamic brake resistors  for Allen-Bradley PowerFlex Drives. You’ll be able to enter the catalog number or build the catalog number by making attribute selections, and view resistor selection data, options and information.

Same Day Shipment May Be Available on
Standard Dynamic Braking Resistors for
PowerFlex and 1336 Drives  up to 20 KW
(Applies to orders received before 10 AM EST, Monday through Thursday)

Being first a manufacturer of power resistors, Post Glover has a vast array of Dynamic Braking Resistors to choose from. This allows us to offer the best possible technical and economic solution for your particular application. We are an original Encompass partner to Rockwell Automation and have built a broad knowledge of their product specifications for dynamic braking resistors, so when you call in requesting a part, Post Glover can quote the needed part fast. Post Glover can ship Rockwell Automation Dynamic Braking resistors up to 20 kW same-day. You can rely on the industry’s most innovative resistor manufacturer with over 100 years of industry experience.

Download the PowerFlex Catalog with specifying information here:  PGR PowerFlex DBR Catalog