PulserPlus.Net™ – REDUCES RISK OF ARC FLASH HAZARDS BY 98%!It is accepted in the electrical industry that 98% of all electrical system failures begin as ground faults. High Resistance Grounding limits the fault current so that ground faults do not develop into a more serious equipment problem or potential safety problem. With a High Resistance Grounding system:

  1. There is no need to immediately trip the system, allowing continued process operation and orderly management of downtime.
  2. Thermal damage to equipment is dramatically limited due to the low fault current.
  3. Overall plant safety is improved since the Arc Flash Hazard is reduced by 98 percent.
  4. Ground faults are easy to locate and repair, saving maintenance time and money.

Post Glover Resistors is pleased to introduce the NEW PULSERPLUS.NET high resistance grounding system, improving on an already world-class product, the patented, UL Listed PULSER PLUS PRO. The PULSERPLUS.NET carries all of the features of the PULSER PLUS PRO, and adds features that further separate this product from the rest.


Ground Fault Detection
Under voltage and under current detection and alarm
Resistor Monitoring
NEW – Sensing resistor for neutral path monitoring standard
Pulsing System
Adjustable from 10 to 50 pulses per minute allowing custom setup within your system
Password Security
NEW – Prevent unauthorized parameter and setting changes
Harmonics Filtering
Avoids nuisance tripping by measuring only fundamental frequency
NEW – Remote operation and monitoring via Ethernet and RS 232/485
Data Logging
NEW – Comprehensive data logging of all alarms and events for fault isolation and trending
Tapped Resistors NEW – Quickly and easily change resistance taps via terminal strip


High Resistance Grounding PulserPlus.Net Keypad The Post Glover PULSERPLUS.NET is an excellent choice for grounding applications in process industries, steel mills, pulp and paper mills, power distributors, mining operations, hospitals, and 24/7 data centers.

  • Limits ground fault currents to specified levels between 2 and 10 amps
  • Available in free-standing, wall-mount and OEM switchgear kit format
  • Integrated control power transformer with 50/60 Hertz rating
  • UL Listed


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