PulserPlus.Net™ OEM Kit – High Resistance Grounding OEM Kit Line to ground faults are the cause of 98% of all plant electrical failures. With increased attention industry-wide to lowering the potentially deadly effects of arcing faults, tackling the problem at its source remains the surest method of increasing your network’s reliability. Downtime costs in both productivity and profits, and Post Glover’s PulserPlus.Net keeps plants running 24/7/365.High resistance grounding benefits have long been recognized when compared to ungrounded or solidly grounded systems. Post Glover’s PulserPlus.Net is the only digital high resistance grounding system with pulsing available today. Available in an OEM kit suitable for mounting in low or medium voltage switchgear cubicles or standard MCC’s, its ease of installation, top-level factory support and overall superiority make this the easy choice when the customer requires a pulsing system for complete ground protection.

Features of the PulserPlus.NetAdjustable Pulse RateThe pulsing signal can be adjusted from 10 pulses per minute to 50 pulses per minute, permitting differentiation between noise and leakage currents. Loss of Ground Protection

While rare, a resistor failure can rob you of the benefits of the high resistance grounding system. Using the incorporated sensing resistor, the PulserPlus.Net can safeguard your operations by detecting a resistor failure before a fault occurs.

Adjustable time delay

To assist in preventing nuisance alarms or trips, the ground fault indication is equipped with an adjustable time delay.

CommunicationsOEM kit, designed for use at 600 volts and below, consists of three parts: a Front Control Plate, the Internal Control Plate and an enclosed resistor suitable for remote mounting. All settings can be accessed and adjusted on the display interface module. This module can also be configured to display system status, such as fundamental current and voltage as well as third harmonic levels.The Front Control Plate is designed to be installed over a cut-outof dimensions 17” high by 13” wide. This is compatible with most OEM switchgear manufacturers. A rectangular shaft couples the disconnect switch handle on the Front Control Plate to the switch block on the Internal Control Plate when the cubicle door is closed. The distance between the plates is set at installation, and the shaft can be cut to length. The distance between the two plates is typically around 12”.

Cabling between the front and back panels is factory supplied. Custom lengths are available should they be required. All customer connections are made on the supplied terminal strip. The controller is pre-wired to the strip, simplifying installation and limiting potential mistakes.

The grounding resistor itself is shipped loose and suitable for mounting on top of the switchgear cabinet. Approximate resistor dimensions are 29” wide by 18” long by 29” high. The standard enclosure is NEMA 3R with a powder-coated ANSI-61 gray finish, made of mill galvanized steel. Stainless steel enclosures are also available upon request, as are open mounted units for installation inside existing cabinets.

Save time and money using Post Glover’s pre-engineered, easy to install OEM kit. As the industry’s leading experts in high resistance grounding, we are constantly pushing the technology and product forward. Trust Post Glover to deliver faultlessly.

Front Panel Layout

1 Switchgear Door Cut-out Cover Plate
2 PulserPlus.Net Controller
3 Disconnect Switch Operating Handle
4 Alarm Horn
5, 6, 7 Pilot Lights

Back Panel Layout

1 Pulser Backplate
2 Panel Ground Plate
3 Power Supply, 24 VDC
4, 5 Fuseblocks
6 Pulser Electronics Module
7 Disconnect Switch
8 Terminal Block
9 Relay