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High Resistance Grounding Resistors
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Reduces Risk of Arc Flash Hazards by 98%!

  • Keeps plants up and running 24/7/365
  • Safer for your employees, equipment and your plant
  • Easy to locate fault
  • Easy to install

PulserPlus.Net - The World’s First Digital High Resistance
System with Standard Ethernet Communications
Exclusive Advantages:

  • Data logging provides a record of when faults occur,
    so they are fast and easy to find and fix
  • More accurate
  • Easier to use
  • Adaptable for future needs
  • Simplified remote monitoring

High Resistance
Grounding Applications:

Std. System

Std. System Amperages:*

Process Industries
Steel Mills
Mining Operations
Pulp & Paper Mills
Power Distributors
Internet Service Providers
1-6 Amps
1-7 Amps
1-10 Amps
2-7 Amps
2-10 Amps
*Available for any
System Voltage

Features and Capabilities:

  • Ideal for the continuous process industries where you do not want the process to stop on the first fault
  • Offers protection to transformers, generators and drives from ground faults. Low probability of mechanical damage to transformer when using high resistance grounding
  • Freestanding systems or wall mounted control boxes with remotely installed resistors
  • Available to 11 KV
  • All internal components are UL recognized
  • 600v class packages available as kits

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high resistance groundingVideo Tutorial

High Resistance Grounding HR103-08

High Resistance Grounding Tutorial with Narration

Post Glover's High Resistance Grounding video tutorial with narration delivers an in-depth description of the uses and benefits of high resistance grounding.

More Information
  HRG_AvoidingPitfalls 2.18 MB

High Resistance Grounding Avoiding Pitfalls

"High Resistance Grounding Avoiding Unnecessary Pitfalls" by David Murry, P.E.- Senior Member IEEE, Schneider Electric, et. al.
  HR003-05_HRG Application_Guide 335 KB

Ground Fault Protection

Ground Fault Protection on Ungrounded and High Resistance Grounded Systems- Application Guide
  HRG_Marathon_Oil_Case_Study 817 KB

Marathon Oil Cast Study on High Resistance Grounding

"High Resistance Grounding- Case Study: Marathon Oil Company" by Jill Revolt- Segment Marketing Manager and Dave Shipp- Advisory Engineer, PQ CONNECTION, Summer 1999
  HR002-05_HRG_Conversion_Guide 3.87 MB

Ground Fault Protection

Ground Fault Protection Technical Guide- Converting Ungrounded Systems to High Resistance Grounding
 HR105-13_PulserPlus.Net Manual 4.47 MB

PulserPlus.Net Instruction Manual

PulserPlus.Net High Resistance Grounding System- Instruction Manual
  High_Resistance_Grounding_Tech_Paper 1.3 MB

High Resistance Grounding Tech Paper

"High-Resistance Grounding of 2400-Volt Delta Systems with Ground-Fault Alarm and Traceable Signal to Fault" by Francis K. Fox- General Electric Company, Howard J. Grotts- Tidewater Oil Company and Clyde H. Tipton- Standard Oil Company of California, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRY & GENERAL APPLICATIONS, September/ October 1965
  HR001-05_High_Resistance_Grounding 2.28 MB

High Resistance Grounding

High Resistance Grounding Brochure- Information on Grounding, Ground Faults and High Resistance Grounding
  HR203-10_OEM_Kit 337 KB

PulserPlus.Net OEM Kit

High Resistance Grounding OEM Kit- Information on Features, Benefits, Operation and Construction of the PulserPlus.Net High Resistance Grounding unit
  Eaton_HRG and Wye or Delta SPDs 83 KB

High Resistance Grounding for Wye and Delta SPDs

Whitepaper on the use of high resistance grounding for wye and delta SPDs.
  High_Resistance_Grounding-IEEE 2.92 MB

 High Resistance Grounding

"High-Resistance Grounding" by Baldwin Bridger, Jr.- Senior Member IEEE, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS, January/ February 1983
Guideform Specifications
  HR104-10_Guideform_Spec 337 KB

High Resistance Grounding Guideform Specifications

High Resistance Grounding Guideform Specifications

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